I’m Back…

Hello Let’s Be Real Followers,

It’s been a long time since I have posted. Like those who have read my blog, you were probably just as upset and stunned by the results of the election as I was.

It took me awhile to let my feelings of Trump being President sink in, and it didn’t help hearing the continuation of news reports in regards to all that Trump was doing in his first 100 days in Office.

So to be real, I tried to post. I wrote posts and deleted them. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

I was angry, and in denial. (I know, petty much?)

But I’m back. I’m back as we journey together through a possible impeachment, new fall shows, a Netflix filled summer, and of course whatever else happens in our exciting world.

Can It Be November 8th Yet?

Can It Be November 8th Yet?

Thank God it’s November 3rd today, which means this clown show of a presidential race will almost be done. Yay! Hopefully it means no more Trump.

I am so tired of this man being defended for being such an awful human being. I’m so tired of people putting Hillary on the same level as this man. I’m so ready to be done with hearing about him. However, before this man goes away, I’m going to tell you why Hillary is the much better choice for being President; just in case ya’ll haven’t made your minds up yet (doubt it, but still).

I like Hillary Clinton to a degree. I do think she is given a much harder time because she is a woman. I do think if it was a male political that did the exact same email scandal, it wouldn’t be as big of a topic. However, I don’t think it’s a good thing and I’m not defending her in this situation whatsoever. I don’t like the Goldman Sachs speech, and I think she is like most politicians, who is controlled by money. This being said, I will always think she is 100% better than Trump, and its truly sad that she is being compared to being on the same level as this man.

First, Hillary has given 30 years to serving this country, while Trump has not.

Second, Hillary actually has provided solutions to what she says she wants to do, while Trump does not. (I mean does he even have clue what he will do as President).

Third, Hillary is actually educated about issues, while Trump is not. (Ex: the third debate about abortion, which he doesn’t even know how a third term abortion is done. I mean if you are going to argue against it, at least know the facts).

Fourth, Hillary has a thick skin, while Trump clearly does not. (Just ask SNL).

I could go on, and on. Trump has made racist, sexist, dehumanizing comments about nearly every kind of person besides the white male. Trump has no real clue what he is doing. He makes big promises, but he does not provide solutions. As far as Hillary’s flaws, Trump is guilty of those too. He created a fake university to rob people of their money. He is completely for the 1%. If you don’t think so, you are just fooling yourselves.  I’m so tired of people defending this guy and I truly believe he will be a candidate that years down the road everyone will deny they wanted him to win.

So all can I say is it November 8th yet? I can’t wait for this man to go away.

*The image is from cnn.com. Check out their website/channel for everything you need to know about the election.*

What I’m Watching This Fall

What I’m Watching This Fall

Oh fall! The leaves are changing; the air is becoming cooler, and not to mention we can finally pull out the cute scarves and booties we are excited to wear; oh and Pumpkin flavored everything.

However, the best thing about fall is that all our great TV shows are coming back and there are news ones to explore. So this is my “What I’m Watching This Fall!”

Let’s start off with returning favorites:

  • The Flash: It’s the perfect family-friendly action show that stars a ridiculously cute and charming hero, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. When Barry was struck by lightening, he fulfilled everyone’s dream and became a superhero. Now with his super speed, Barry, along with his science smart friends try to save Central City. While the show seems to focus on Barry’s struggle with doing the right thing vs. being selfish in each episode, it still seems to make the viewers intrigued on what will happen next.  If you haven’t started watching The Flash, I recommend watching seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix. Airs on CW, Tuesday at 8/7C.
  • Arrow: The Arrow is a bit more dark than The Flash. It still has that moral struggle that hero (Stephen Amell) must conquer every episode but it’s explained in a more broody, and violent way. Oliver Queen is the anti-hero that everyone loves, but must learn to conquer his inner demons to do the right thing and save his city. It’s a definite watch. Plus the cast is gorgeous and perfect. The previous seasons are as well on Netflix. Check it out! Airs on CW, Wednesday at 8/7C.
  • Supergirl (Yes, I like my DC comic book shows): Supergirl has a similar feel to The Flash. It’s a heartwarming story that focuses on a heroin (yay for B.A. women) trying to figure out how to deal with her supernatural powers. Kara (Supergirl), played by Melissa Benoist, is living in the shadows of her famous cousin (Superman). At first she is told there is no need for her to be a hero, but Kara has to learn that she is just as valuable and capable as Superman. It’s quite a female power, upbringing, fun show that I highly recommend! I just binged season one; so I’m kind of on a Supergirl hype right now (please join my level). Airs on CW, Monday at 8/7C.
  • Quantico: What will Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) be framed for this time around? Okay, but seriously if they frame her this season I will not be happy. Anyways, Quantico is an exciting mystery filled with romance, action and a good old fashion guessing game of who is the killer. It’s a show that will make you begging for more after every episode. Airs on ABC, Sunday at 10/9C.
  • Modern Family: Do I really need to say anything here? It’s only one of the best (along with The Big Bang Theory) comedies on TV right now. It’s a wonderful cast, and they will keep you laughing every episode.  Don’t worry if you haven’t started watching it. Modern Family is the kind of show you can just jump right into any episode and love it. Airs on ABC, Wednesday at 9/8C.
  • Younger: My inner child is loving Hilary Duff on Younger! Not to mention the rest of the cast is pretty talented themselves. It’s a heartwarming drama about a 40 year old woman trying to pass as a 27 year old in order to work her dream job. However, Liza (Sutton Foster) realizes it isn’t that easy to be young again. It airs on TV Land, Wednesdays at 10/9C.

New Shows to Watch!

  • Westworld: This science fiction thriller is based off the 1973 movie, Westworld. While the HBO new series has only aired one episode, it seems to me that the series might be heading into a different direction than the movie; however, this isn’t always a bad thing.  In my opinion, the show seems to be going for more of a battle of the wits, rather than mostly violence. However, time will only tell. Either way, with a great cast like James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, and Ed Harris it should be quite the show to watch. If you have HBO, check it out.
  •  To be honest I want to put another new show here, but there hasn’t been another one that has really stuck. I have watched the amazing Kristen Bell in The Good Place, but I wasn’t super excited about it. I mean it’s funny, but hasn’t won me over yet. I watched Kevin James’s new comedy, Kevin Can Wait, but sadly wasn’t impressed. I just finished watching Timeless, and that show has potential! I have set my DVR. Hopefully it will be a new hit show to check out; I’ll keep you posted!

For now that is all! Have fun TV watching! Oh and Netflix binging (is that a word?)


Image Cred: obsev.com

Water Cooler Talk…

Water Cooler Talk…

I have started this new job. It’s my first real job out of college, and its quite a new experience. While the work load is more intense, and I find myself having to try really hard; the thing I find to be struggling the most with is keeping my mouth shut when it comes to my political opinion.

I work in a place where I’m surrounded by people who have the complete opposite viewpoints as me. Now I’m used to hearing other viewpoints, two of my closest friends are very conservative, but at least they are willing to hear what I think too. I find that our friendship actually grows stronger based off the respect we have for one another’s opinions and beliefs. I know this isn’t the case for most people though; at least in the current society we live in.We live in a world where if you have different opinion/belief than someone else, you are automatically deemed evil. I mean one of my coworkers actually printed out a post that talked about how democrats are the devil and the most evil people to walk this earth (I kid you not). While most people are not this extreme or vocal, people do judge you based off your political beliefs, and if we are all being honest everyone does this. I mean heck when someone says they are voting Trump, I automatically judge them. However, it doesn’t make it right. We shouldn’t decide what kind of character someone has based on their political party or religion they are a part of.

Yes that means people who are pro-choice do have souls, and not every religious person hates gay people.

We have to stop making these quick judgments about people and actually make decisions based off of each individual.

If we stop the hate towards others, maybe we can create more peace in this world (one can hope)!

So in the end, I wish that I felt the freedom to express my opinions to my coworkers. However, as long as we judge people for their differing viewpoints, having the freedom to be vocal will never be the case. All I can do is choose to stop judging others, and be the example I want to see.


WordPress/Comment Response

WordPress/Comment Response

This is a really quick response to everyone asking me how I created this blog.

I use WordPress. However, I’m not quite knowledgeable on it. I’m very blessed to have a wonderful brother, who is a website designer and he created this site for me.

I’m sorry that I can’t give any advice.

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments! I really appreciate you all reading my blog!



Netflix Review: Spotlight

Netflix Review: Spotlight

If you are looking for a new movie to watch on Netflix, I highly recommend the 2016 Oscar Best Picture, Spotlight. Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, and Rachel McAdams, the film follows the behind-the-scenes look at 2001 Boston Globe report on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

The film starts off a bit slow. It actually took my boyfriend and me some time to get invested into the movie, but I promise you it picks up. So keep watching.

It becomes interesting when you see why this movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and that’s for one reason the story itself. While yes the acting is superb, the greatness of this movie doesn’t lie within the acting. No, it’s about the importance of having freedom of press, and the importance of reporting the truth even when it’s going against one of the biggest intuitions in your area.

The film reveals how intuitions can control and manipulate our judicial system, and the judicial system is something that should not be able to be corrupted (even though we all know it is). It goes beyond the basis of the horrific crime itself to the reason why people in power get away with these crimes.

The film really makes you stop and think. For me it made me think about religion. For others it could be about the government. Either way, it’s a must see.

Movies are not always about the huge explosions and the action scenes. Movies can be used to spread powerful information in an effective way, which is exactly what this movie does. It’s important to watch films that make you contemplate the world around you. This is why I encourage everyone that the next film you watch for movie night be Spotlight.


Image Cred: patheos.com

Taylor Exposed

Taylor Exposed

If you are anywhere near the internet, you will have heard that Kim Kardashian posted Snap Chat videos of a phone call that allegedly happened between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. A phone call where Kanye asks for permission for the line about having sex with Taylor Swift one day.

First facts: Taylor said she never gave permission for that line “I made that bitch famous.” The video does not show Kanye telling her about that line. Second it was reported in June that Taylor Swift’s rep said, “Taylor Swift never denied that conversation took place.” Also, “Kanye West never told Taylor he was going to use the term ‘that bitch’ in referencing her. A song cannot be approved if it was never heard.” As you see Taylor did not lie about not having a phone conversation with Kanye, and the videos do not show Kanye telling her about that line. So in actuality, Taylor did not lie. She was not exposed a liar. Side note: I thought it was interesting how every video magically cut off when Taylor responds. It’s pretty unclear what she says the whole time. While the video does paint a great image of Kanye. (Remember who posted it).

However, the internet is filled with tweets containing the hashtag #TaylorExposed. While I believe that singer was not exposed of anything, people seem to disagree. My theory: Haters are gonna hate.

It’s human nature to feel jealousy towards someone. We all have insecurities of who we are and because of that we feel the subconscious need to put someone down. Celebrities are the biggest targets. They are wealthy, gorgeous and successful. The three things that our culture values most, which is a whole other topic. Taylor Swift has all three. Not to mention she has dated every available attractive man. So needless to say, it isn’t shocking that people hate on Taylor Swift. However, this doesn’t make it right.

Taylor is just a human being like you are. She has insecurities and fears like you do. Imagine if everyone had to see every flaw you had and then be able to publicly criticize you for that. While I do say that it is a choice to be famous, it still doesn’t make it right. I’m in no way saying Taylor is perfect, but why point it out? Why hate on someone who you simply do not know? You might be not a fan, but then don’t buy her music. You don’t need to attack her.

I mean that is what’s wrong with this world. We are so filled with hate. We post photos to show our support of horrible tragedies that occurred. Saying how can someone hate so much, but while showing how loving and supportive we are. Then turn around and post awful, hateful words towards someone else. Name calling, and soul bashing. Don’t people see the hypocrisy in that? (side note: Everyone is a hypocrite. Including me). Yes, killing dozens of people is quite different than posting a tweet, but it is still hate. Words have power, and hateful words can lead to actions of hate. Maybe it’s about time to stop hating everyone, and start loving yourself.

If anything we should gather from this feud, is that it’s time to stop judging other people’s lives. We aren’t the judges, nor are we qualified to be. Leave the drama between the two girls, and don’t fuel the fire.

Love not Hate.

Work Cited: Platon, Adelle. “Kim Kardashian Says Taylor Swift Approved Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Line, Swift Reps Say That Is ‘Incorrect'” Billboard. GQ Magazine, 16 June 2016. Web. 18 July 2016

Photo Cred: bleusat.org

The End is Near for Game of Thrones

The End is Near for Game of Thrones

Wow! What an episode Game of Thrones aired this evening. If you haven’t watched it, beware of the spoilers in this post. Also, if you haven’t watched it, go watch it right now!

Let’s start off with that epic beginning. Cersei showed her true ruthlessness by not only killing the High Sparrow and all his followers, but also everyone that came to that trial. Including, the beloved Margarey and Loras Tyrell. I must say I held more of a sadness with the loss of Loras over Margarey. Loras went from suffering, to being forced to confess, to being killed. Just a really bitter situation for him.  Margarey at least was able to live in somewhat luxury before dying.  Either way, their deaths made me dislike Cersei even more. However, Cersei got her punishment when her last child, Tommen, killed himself. But wait did she get her punishment? It seems that Cersei has fully given into her dark side as she took her place on the Iron Throne. Leaving no real impression that she is broken by the death of her last child, which brings up the question on what we can now expect from the current Queen.

Let’s just hope Dany gets to Westeros before any real damage is done. Unlikely, because well this is Game of Thrones. This leads me next to Danenerys and Tyrion. Anyone else get the impression that Tyrion might have developed feelings for Dany? Maybe I read too much into that scene between them. However, I do believe Dany’s segment was foreshadowing to an event happening towards the end. Her getting married. My hopeful theory is that she will marry Jon Snow. Especially, now that it has been officially confirmed that Snow is the offspring of Lyanna Stark and (probably) Rhaegar Targaryen. If you remember, the Targaryens only married each other. So Jon and Dany have an even more reason to marry now. One can hope!

Jon might actually find himself on the throne by the end of this, if he can survive Little Finger. Jon being hailed the king of the north, which put an even bigger target on his back. A target placed by Little Finger himself. Let’s hope Little Finger isn’t able to murder the king this time around. My hopeful prediction: Sansa will kill Little Finger before he is able to kill Jon Snow ( I keep saying hopeful, because with Game of Thrones you really can never predict anything good).

It has become obvious to me that the ending of the series is insight. It is no surprise that the producers have come out and said that the last two seasons will be shorter. My theory: Next season will be Dany conquering the Iron Throne. The final season: The battle between the humans and the White Walkers. In the end I hope Jon and Dany sit together as a married couple, ruling the Iron Throne.


Photo from: independent.co.uk

Gun Laws – How Many More Deaths Until We Get It?

Gun Laws – How Many More Deaths Until We Get It?

Sadly, America experienced another mass shooting on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.  49 people were killed and 53 injured. According to massshootingtracker.org, this is the 176th mass shooting in America this year.

Honestly when I read this statistic I thought this can’t be right. So I did further research and it does seem to be accurate. The reason this significantly large number of mass shootings might be surprisingly to most is because most of these shootings haven’t bought in a large number of deaths; like the shooting in Orlando. However, the shootings are still significant to say the least.

Mass shootings have become a serious concern in America today. We are now terrified to go out anymore. Personally, I feel a sense of fear in a movie theater. I’m constantly keeping attention to who is around me, and what is happening. Environments with large crowds are frightening; especially, when that environment does not have good security. Americans have become afraid, and that is unacceptable. So how can we improve things from here? How can we minimize the amount of shootings happening every year? How can we make Americans feel somewhat safe again?

This brings me to my main point: How is that someone can still buy automatic guns?

I have heard the opposing view points and I’ll be real with you, most are flawed.

First, the second amendment gives me the right to have a gun. Okay please stop using the 2nd amendment as a valid reason. The second amendment was created for the sole purpose of having a Militia. When this amendment was made there was no standing army; unlike the one we have today. During the time the second amendment was created, Farmer Joe would need to pull out his gun to go help fight in the war. Now we have professional soldiers. Civilians do not need to use their guns to fight the nation’s wars. Therefore, there is no need for the second amendment anymore.

Second, hunting is too important to give up. My boyfriend is from Wisconsin and he has informed that hunting in Wisconsin is like another religion there. There would be days in school taken off just for hunting season. While I disagree with hunting, I can understand the importance of it for others. This being said I do not feel like someone needs anything more than a rifle for hunting. Rifles are much different than an automatic weapon. Rifles are much larger and harder to conceal. They are also harder to shoot a mass amount of people at faster rate than automatic guns. There is no need to have automatic weapons to go hunting.

Third, I need a gun to protect myself. Okay first off there are way more shootings that happen accidentally, because someone needed a gun to “protect” themselves than someone using a gun in self defense.  In my opinion, there is a greater chance of someone being harmed by their own gun (or parent’s gun), than a person carrying a gun breaking into that person’s house. However, if people feel like they really want a small hand held gun to protect themselves than okay (compromise). If this is the case though, than there needs to be way stricter gun laws. A person should have yearly psych evaluations, must be required to go through safety courses, and own a secure lock and case for their gun. A person should not be able to own a gun without fulfilling these requirements, and honestly this isn’t too much to ask.

Lastly, criminals will find a gun anyways. News Flash: Typically mass shootings are not caused by a criminal. We aren’t really looking at criminals here. We are looking at people who appear to be an average person, going in and buying a gun than killing tons of people. They aren’t the local gangster down the street. So in terms of mass shootings, I find this reason to be incompletely invalid.

So this is what I am proposing: Stricter guns laws, and rifles and hand held guns only. I think this is a pretty good compromise that would hopefully help the situation a little bit.

To sum it up, mass shootings need to stop. Too many lives have been taken for us to sit by and do nothing. Even if new gun laws prevented only one mass shooting, wouldn’t it be still worth it? Isn’t one person’s life worth saving? I think so, and I hope people do too.

Photo cred: peaceread.org