Vote, Vote, and Did I Mention Vote?

Vote, Vote, and Did I Mention Vote?

“Not voting, because there is no one to vote for,” My friend on SnapChat during the Republican primaries in Texas.

As long as I’ve known my friend she has always taken a great interest in politics. We have spent countless nights debating over policies and social programs. However, this is the first time I have heard her share her discontent for politics, and she isn’t alone. I’m finding this to be a common topic among my friends and colleagues that they do not want to vote, because of the choices out there. While I disagree with this statement (I like a few candidates), I still find the reason to be absurd.

It’s extremely important to vote. Especially,  if there is a candidate that you 100% do not want to see as President. If you do not vote, you are increasing the chances of that person becoming President. This is because those who want him or her, have less counter votes against them. I mean it’s easy to say your vote won’t make that much of a difference, but if everyone started saying that then it would, BUT EVERYONE’S VOTE DOES COUNT.  It’s like the saying every dollar counts, and so does your vote.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to make your voice heard by voting in the upcoming elections. I mean that’s why we live a democracy. So don’t let our Founding Fathers down.

So do some research and decide who out of the candidates would make the best President. Even if they won’t make the perfect President for you, there is still someone who you will find to be the better candidate.