WordPress/Comment Response

WordPress/Comment Response

This is a really quick response to everyone asking me how I created this blog.

I use WordPress. However, I’m not quite knowledgeable on it. I’m very blessed to have a wonderful brother, who is a website designer and he created this site for me.

I’m sorry that I can’t give any advice.

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments! I really appreciate you all reading my blog!



Netflix Review: Spotlight

Netflix Review: Spotlight

If you are looking for a new movie to watch on Netflix, I highly recommend the 2016 Oscar Best Picture, Spotlight. Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, and Rachel McAdams, the film follows the behind-the-scenes look at 2001 Boston Globe report on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

The film starts off a bit slow. It actually took my boyfriend and me some time to get invested into the movie, but I promise you it picks up. So keep watching.

It becomes interesting when you see why this movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture, and that’s for one reason the story itself. While yes the acting is superb, the greatness of this movie doesn’t lie within the acting. No, it’s about the importance of having freedom of press, and the importance of reporting the truth even when it’s going against one of the biggest intuitions in your area.

The film reveals how intuitions can control and manipulate our judicial system, and the judicial system is something that should not be able to be corrupted (even though we all know it is). It goes beyond the basis of the horrific crime itself to the reason why people in power get away with these crimes.

The film really makes you stop and think. For me it made me think about religion. For others it could be about the government. Either way, it’s a must see.

Movies are not always about the huge explosions and the action scenes. Movies can be used to spread powerful information in an effective way, which is exactly what this movie does. It’s important to watch films that make you contemplate the world around you. This is why I encourage everyone that the next film you watch for movie night be Spotlight.


Image Cred: patheos.com

Taylor Exposed

Taylor Exposed

If you are anywhere near the internet, you will have heard that Kim Kardashian posted Snap Chat videos of a phone call that allegedly happened between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. A phone call where Kanye asks for permission for the line about having sex with Taylor Swift one day.

First facts: Taylor said she never gave permission for that line “I made that bitch famous.” The video does not show Kanye telling her about that line. Second it was reported in June that Taylor Swift’s rep said, “Taylor Swift never denied that conversation took place.” Also, “Kanye West never told Taylor he was going to use the term ‘that bitch’ in referencing her. A song cannot be approved if it was never heard.” As you see Taylor did not lie about not having a phone conversation with Kanye, and the videos do not show Kanye telling her about that line. So in actuality, Taylor did not lie. She was not exposed a liar. Side note: I thought it was interesting how every video magically cut off when Taylor responds. It’s pretty unclear what she says the whole time. While the video does paint a great image of Kanye. (Remember who posted it).

However, the internet is filled with tweets containing the hashtag #TaylorExposed. While I believe that singer was not exposed of anything, people seem to disagree. My theory: Haters are gonna hate.

It’s human nature to feel jealousy towards someone. We all have insecurities of who we are and because of that we feel the subconscious need to put someone down. Celebrities are the biggest targets. They are wealthy, gorgeous and successful. The three things that our culture values most, which is a whole other topic. Taylor Swift has all three. Not to mention she has dated every available attractive man. So needless to say, it isn’t shocking that people hate on Taylor Swift. However, this doesn’t make it right.

Taylor is just a human being like you are. She has insecurities and fears like you do. Imagine if everyone had to see every flaw you had and then be able to publicly criticize you for that. While I do say that it is a choice to be famous, it still doesn’t make it right. I’m in no way saying Taylor is perfect, but why point it out? Why hate on someone who you simply do not know? You might be not a fan, but then don’t buy her music. You don’t need to attack her.

I mean that is what’s wrong with this world. We are so filled with hate. We post photos to show our support of horrible tragedies that occurred. Saying how can someone hate so much, but while showing how loving and supportive we are. Then turn around and post awful, hateful words towards someone else. Name calling, and soul bashing. Don’t people see the hypocrisy in that? (side note: Everyone is a hypocrite. Including me). Yes, killing dozens of people is quite different than posting a tweet, but it is still hate. Words have power, and hateful words can lead to actions of hate. Maybe it’s about time to stop hating everyone, and start loving yourself.

If anything we should gather from this feud, is that it’s time to stop judging other people’s lives. We aren’t the judges, nor are we qualified to be. Leave the drama between the two girls, and don’t fuel the fire.

Love not Hate.

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Photo Cred: bleusat.org