Can It Be November 8th Yet?

Can It Be November 8th Yet?

Thank God it’s November 3rd today, which means this clown show of a presidential race will almost be done. Yay! Hopefully it means no more Trump.

I am so tired of this man being defended for being such an awful human being. I’m so tired of people putting Hillary on the same level as this man. I’m so ready to be done with hearing about him. However, before this man goes away, I’m going to tell you why Hillary is the much better choice for being President; just in case ya’ll haven’t made your minds up yet (doubt it, but still).

I like Hillary Clinton to a degree. I do think she is given a much harder time because she is a woman. I do think if it was a male political that did the exact same email scandal, it wouldn’t be as big of a topic. However, I don’t think it’s a good thing and I’m not defending her in this situation whatsoever. I don’t like the Goldman Sachs speech, and I think she is like most politicians, who is controlled by money. This being said, I will always think she is 100% better than Trump, and its truly sad that she is being compared to being on the same level as this man.

First, Hillary has given 30 years to serving this country, while Trump has not.

Second, Hillary actually has provided solutions to what she says she wants to do, while Trump does not. (I mean does he even have clue what he will do as President).

Third, Hillary is actually educated about issues, while Trump is not. (Ex: the third debate about abortion, which he doesn’t even know how a third term abortion is done. I mean if you are going to argue against it, at least know the facts).

Fourth, Hillary has a thick skin, while Trump clearly does not. (Just ask SNL).

I could go on, and on. Trump has made racist, sexist, dehumanizing comments about nearly every kind of person besides the white male. Trump has no real clue what he is doing. He makes big promises, but he does not provide solutions. As far as Hillary’s flaws, Trump is guilty of those too. He created a fake university to rob people of their money. He is completely for the 1%. If you don’t think so, you are just fooling yourselves.  I’m so tired of people defending this guy and I truly believe he will be a candidate that years down the road everyone will deny they wanted him to win.

So all can I say is it November 8th yet? I can’t wait for this man to go away.

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Gun Laws – How Many More Deaths Until We Get It?

Gun Laws – How Many More Deaths Until We Get It?

Sadly, America experienced another mass shooting on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.  49 people were killed and 53 injured. According to, this is the 176th mass shooting in America this year.

Honestly when I read this statistic I thought this can’t be right. So I did further research and it does seem to be accurate. The reason this significantly large number of mass shootings might be surprisingly to most is because most of these shootings haven’t bought in a large number of deaths; like the shooting in Orlando. However, the shootings are still significant to say the least.

Mass shootings have become a serious concern in America today. We are now terrified to go out anymore. Personally, I feel a sense of fear in a movie theater. I’m constantly keeping attention to who is around me, and what is happening. Environments with large crowds are frightening; especially, when that environment does not have good security. Americans have become afraid, and that is unacceptable. So how can we improve things from here? How can we minimize the amount of shootings happening every year? How can we make Americans feel somewhat safe again?

This brings me to my main point: How is that someone can still buy automatic guns?

I have heard the opposing view points and I’ll be real with you, most are flawed.

First, the second amendment gives me the right to have a gun. Okay please stop using the 2nd amendment as a valid reason. The second amendment was created for the sole purpose of having a Militia. When this amendment was made there was no standing army; unlike the one we have today. During the time the second amendment was created, Farmer Joe would need to pull out his gun to go help fight in the war. Now we have professional soldiers. Civilians do not need to use their guns to fight the nation’s wars. Therefore, there is no need for the second amendment anymore.

Second, hunting is too important to give up. My boyfriend is from Wisconsin and he has informed that hunting in Wisconsin is like another religion there. There would be days in school taken off just for hunting season. While I disagree with hunting, I can understand the importance of it for others. This being said I do not feel like someone needs anything more than a rifle for hunting. Rifles are much different than an automatic weapon. Rifles are much larger and harder to conceal. They are also harder to shoot a mass amount of people at faster rate than automatic guns. There is no need to have automatic weapons to go hunting.

Third, I need a gun to protect myself. Okay first off there are way more shootings that happen accidentally, because someone needed a gun to “protect” themselves than someone using a gun in self defense.  In my opinion, there is a greater chance of someone being harmed by their own gun (or parent’s gun), than a person carrying a gun breaking into that person’s house. However, if people feel like they really want a small hand held gun to protect themselves than okay (compromise). If this is the case though, than there needs to be way stricter gun laws. A person should have yearly psych evaluations, must be required to go through safety courses, and own a secure lock and case for their gun. A person should not be able to own a gun without fulfilling these requirements, and honestly this isn’t too much to ask.

Lastly, criminals will find a gun anyways. News Flash: Typically mass shootings are not caused by a criminal. We aren’t really looking at criminals here. We are looking at people who appear to be an average person, going in and buying a gun than killing tons of people. They aren’t the local gangster down the street. So in terms of mass shootings, I find this reason to be incompletely invalid.

So this is what I am proposing: Stricter guns laws, and rifles and hand held guns only. I think this is a pretty good compromise that would hopefully help the situation a little bit.

To sum it up, mass shootings need to stop. Too many lives have been taken for us to sit by and do nothing. Even if new gun laws prevented only one mass shooting, wouldn’t it be still worth it? Isn’t one person’s life worth saving? I think so, and I hope people do too.

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Vote, Vote, and Did I Mention Vote?

Vote, Vote, and Did I Mention Vote?

“Not voting, because there is no one to vote for,” My friend on SnapChat during the Republican primaries in Texas.

As long as I’ve known my friend she has always taken a great interest in politics. We have spent countless nights debating over policies and social programs. However, this is the first time I have heard her share her discontent for politics, and she isn’t alone. I’m finding this to be a common topic among my friends and colleagues that they do not want to vote, because of the choices out there. While I disagree with this statement (I like a few candidates), I still find the reason to be absurd.

It’s extremely important to vote. Especially,  if there is a candidate that you 100% do not want to see as President. If you do not vote, you are increasing the chances of that person becoming President. This is because those who want him or her, have less counter votes against them. I mean it’s easy to say your vote won’t make that much of a difference, but if everyone started saying that then it would, BUT EVERYONE’S VOTE DOES COUNT.  It’s like the saying every dollar counts, and so does your vote.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to make your voice heard by voting in the upcoming elections. I mean that’s why we live a democracy. So don’t let our Founding Fathers down.

So do some research and decide who out of the candidates would make the best President. Even if they won’t make the perfect President for you, there is still someone who you will find to be the better candidate.



Trump Is Not the Godly Choice

Trump Is Not the Godly Choice

Recently, I have seen on Facebook my fellow Christians discussing how Trump is the “godly” choice, and honestly this makes me completely disappointed with my fellow Jesus lovers.

First of all, I really don’t think there is a “godly” choice when it comes to presidential candidates. I believe that we all have our own sets of political beliefs that one is not favored by God. However, every election we try to use God as a voting reason. Like we all know who God would vote for (umm no).

Second of all, I would say what Trump promotes is the opposite of who God is. Trump promotes a country filled with hate, while God is the definition of love. God literally loves us all so much that He sent His Son to die for us. Even those who persecuted Jesus, they will were still loved by Him. So why do people think that a man who wants to build walls to keep people out, can be a God given candidate? God doesn’t build walls, He built a bridge. A metaphorical bridge that connects us ALL (not just Americans) to Him through the love of Christ.

Not only does Trump want to build a wall, but he makes hateful, racist, and sexist comments. If you don’t believe me, read below the quotes said by Mr. Trump, himself.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bring crime. They’re rapist…” (side point: the lovely people from Mexico that I know are not like this at all. Actually in my church we have plenty of God fearing Mexican church members).

“If I were running ‘The View,’ I’d fire Rosie O’Donnell. I mean, I’d look at her right in that fat, ugly face of hers, I’d say ‘Rosie, you’re fired.'” (In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How Rude!”). 

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” (Everyone who is a woman, or has a daughter, a sister, a mother, should be offended by this).

“You could see there was blood coming out her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. In my opinion, she was off base.” Trump talking about Megyn Kelly.

Discriminating against someone for the color of their skin, or where they are from is hateful. Calling someone names, and judging them for their appearance is hateful. Saying a woman, who asked you tough questions, clearly must have been on her period is sexist, and hateful. It’s hateful to everyone. So how can you say that this candidate is the choice of God? Everything I have every read in the Bible, and everything I have ever known about God is the opposite. God is not hateful. He loves everyone. Including, Muslims, Mexicans, and women.

So to conclude: if you want to vote for Trump that is your choice, but don’t bring God into it.



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Is Bernie Sanders too old to be President?

Is Bernie Sanders too old to be President?

As the 2016 elections are upon us, people are pondering who they should elect to be the 45th president of the United States. Bernie? Ted? Hillary? Donald?

Whether a Republican or a Democrat, all of us will choose based on who we believe aligns with what we stand for the best. However, the candidate’s age should not be a deciding factor.

I know that sounds obvious, but the topic I see people writing the most about on Facebook is that Bernie Sanders is too old to be President.

Now, let me just state some facts. Bernie Sanders is only FIVE years older than Donald Trump and SIX years older than Hillary Clinton. But for some reason neither Trump’s nor Hillary’s age is a hot topic. So why is Bernie’s?

The answer: Bernie carries himself much older. My theory: Bernie does not want to spend money on a stylist, because Bernie’s main platform is not receiving money from big companies. He doesn’t want to appear like a rich snob who is not relatable to the average American. However, I think what Bernie and his team might not have realized is that people judge based on looks. Or maybe they did and just don’t care to spend money on improving his physical appearance.  Either way, Bernie’s appearance seems to be a deciding factor for why he shouldn’t be president, which is ridiculous.

People shouldn’t focus on a candidate’s appearance or age, but the issues. The issues that each candidate stands for. Let’s think like Bernie and not pick a candidate based on what stylist they have. Let’s focus on who will make the best president, whoever you believe that to be. So the next time you want to state an opinion on why Bernie Sanders shouldn’t be president; you better not say his age.