Can It Be November 8th Yet?

Can It Be November 8th Yet?

Thank God it’s November 3rd today, which means this clown show of a presidential race will almost be done. Yay! Hopefully it means no more Trump.

I am so tired of this man being defended for being such an awful human being. I’m so tired of people putting Hillary on the same level as this man. I’m so ready to be done with hearing about him. However, before this man goes away, I’m going to tell you why Hillary is the much better choice for being President; just in case ya’ll haven’t made your minds up yet (doubt it, but still).

I like Hillary Clinton to a degree. I do think she is given a much harder time because she is a woman. I do think if it was a male political that did the exact same email scandal, it wouldn’t be as big of a topic. However, I don’t think it’s a good thing and I’m not defending her in this situation whatsoever. I don’t like the Goldman Sachs speech, and I think she is like most politicians, who is controlled by money. This being said, I will always think she is 100% better than Trump, and its truly sad that she is being compared to being on the same level as this man.

First, Hillary has given 30 years to serving this country, while Trump has not.

Second, Hillary actually has provided solutions to what she says she wants to do, while Trump does not. (I mean does he even have clue what he will do as President).

Third, Hillary is actually educated about issues, while Trump is not. (Ex: the third debate about abortion, which he doesn’t even know how a third term abortion is done. I mean if you are going to argue against it, at least know the facts).

Fourth, Hillary has a thick skin, while Trump clearly does not. (Just ask SNL).

I could go on, and on. Trump has made racist, sexist, dehumanizing comments about nearly every kind of person besides the white male. Trump has no real clue what he is doing. He makes big promises, but he does not provide solutions. As far as Hillary’s flaws, Trump is guilty of those too. He created a fake university to rob people of their money. He is completely for the 1%. If you don’t think so, you are just fooling yourselves.  I’m so tired of people defending this guy and I truly believe he will be a candidate that years down the road everyone will deny they wanted him to win.

So all can I say is it November 8th yet? I can’t wait for this man to go away.

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