The End is Near for Game of Thrones

The End is Near for Game of Thrones

Wow! What an episode Game of Thrones aired this evening. If you haven’t watched it, beware of the spoilers in this post. Also, if you haven’t watched it, go watch it right now!

Let’s start off with that epic beginning. Cersei showed her true ruthlessness by not only killing the High Sparrow and all his followers, but also everyone that came to that trial. Including, the beloved Margarey and Loras Tyrell. I must say I held more of a sadness with the loss of Loras over Margarey. Loras went from suffering, to being forced to confess, to being killed. Just a really bitter situation for him. ¬†Margarey at least was able to live in somewhat luxury before dying. ¬†Either way, their deaths made me dislike Cersei even more. However, Cersei got her punishment when her last child, Tommen, killed himself. But wait did she get her punishment? It seems that Cersei has fully given into her dark side as she took her place on the Iron Throne. Leaving no real impression that she is broken by the death of her last child, which brings up the question on what we can now expect from the current Queen.

Let’s just hope Dany gets to Westeros before any real damage is done. Unlikely, because well this is Game of Thrones. This leads me next to Danenerys and Tyrion. Anyone else get the impression that Tyrion might have developed feelings for Dany? Maybe I read too much into that scene between them. However, I do believe Dany’s segment was foreshadowing to an event happening towards the end. Her getting married. My hopeful theory is that she will marry Jon Snow. Especially, now that it has been officially confirmed that Snow is the offspring of Lyanna Stark and (probably) Rhaegar Targaryen. If you remember, the Targaryens only married each other. So Jon and Dany have an even more reason to marry now. One can hope!

Jon might actually find himself on the throne by the end of this, if he can survive Little Finger. Jon being hailed the king of the north, which put an even bigger target on his back. A target placed by Little Finger himself. Let’s hope Little Finger isn’t able to murder the king this time around. My hopeful prediction: Sansa will kill Little Finger before he is able to kill Jon Snow ( I keep saying hopeful, because with Game of Thrones you really can never predict anything good).

It has become obvious to me that the ending of the series is insight. It is no surprise that the producers have come out and said that the last two seasons will be shorter. My theory: Next season will be Dany conquering the Iron Throne. The final season: The battle between the humans and the White Walkers. In the end I hope Jon and Dany sit together as a married couple, ruling the Iron Throne.


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