Water Cooler Talk…

Water Cooler Talk…

I have started this new job. It’s my first real job out of college, and its quite a new experience. While the work load is more intense, and I find myself having to try really hard; the thing I find to be struggling the most with is keeping my mouth shut when it comes to my political opinion.

I work in a place where I’m surrounded by people who have the complete opposite viewpoints as me. Now I’m used to hearing other viewpoints, two of my closest friends are very conservative, but at least they are willing to hear what I think too. I find that our friendship actually grows stronger based off the respect we have for one another’s opinions and beliefs. I know this isn’t the case for most people though; at least in the current society we live in.We live in a world where if you have different opinion/belief than someone else, you are automatically deemed evil. I mean one of my coworkers actually printed out a post that talked about how democrats are the devil and the most evil people to walk this earth (I kid you not). While most people are not this extreme or vocal, people do judge you based off your political beliefs, and if we are all being honest everyone does this. I mean heck when someone says they are voting Trump, I automatically judge them. However, it doesn’t make it right. We shouldn’t decide what kind of character someone has based on their political party or religion they are a part of.

Yes that means people who are pro-choice do have souls, and not every religious person hates gay people.

We have to stop making these quick judgments about people and actually make decisions based off of each individual.

If we stop the hate towards others, maybe we can create more peace in this world (one can hope)!

So in the end, I wish that I felt the freedom to express my opinions to my coworkers. However, as long as we judge people for their differing viewpoints, having the freedom to be vocal will never be the case. All I can do is choose to stop judging others, and be the example I want to see.