What I’m Watching This Fall

What I’m Watching This Fall

Oh fall! The leaves are changing; the air is becoming cooler, and not to mention we can finally pull out the cute scarves and booties we are excited to wear; oh and Pumpkin flavored everything.

However, the best thing about fall is that all our great TV shows are coming back and there are news ones to explore. So this is my “What I’m Watching This Fall!”

Let’s start off with returning favorites:

  • The Flash: It’s the perfect family-friendly action show that stars a ridiculously cute and charming hero, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. When Barry was struck by lightening, he fulfilled everyone’s dream and became a superhero. Now with his super speed, Barry, along with his science smart friends try to save Central City. While the show seems to focus on Barry’s struggle with doing the right thing vs. being selfish in each episode, it still seems to make the viewers intrigued on what will happen next.  If you haven’t started watching The Flash, I recommend watching seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix. Airs on CW, Tuesday at 8/7C.
  • Arrow: The Arrow is a bit more dark than The Flash. It still has that moral struggle that hero (Stephen Amell) must conquer every episode but it’s explained in a more broody, and violent way. Oliver Queen is the anti-hero that everyone loves, but must learn to conquer his inner demons to do the right thing and save his city. It’s a definite watch. Plus the cast is gorgeous and perfect. The previous seasons are as well on Netflix. Check it out! Airs on CW, Wednesday at 8/7C.
  • Supergirl (Yes, I like my DC comic book shows): Supergirl has a similar feel to The Flash. It’s a heartwarming story that focuses on a heroin (yay for B.A. women) trying to figure out how to deal with her supernatural powers. Kara (Supergirl), played by Melissa Benoist, is living in the shadows of her famous cousin (Superman). At first she is told there is no need for her to be a hero, but Kara has to learn that she is just as valuable and capable as Superman. It’s quite a female power, upbringing, fun show that I highly recommend! I just binged season one; so I’m kind of on a Supergirl hype right now (please join my level). Airs on CW, Monday at 8/7C.
  • Quantico: What will Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) be framed for this time around? Okay, but seriously if they frame her this season I will not be happy. Anyways, Quantico is an exciting mystery filled with romance, action and a good old fashion guessing game of who is the killer. It’s a show that will make you begging for more after every episode. Airs on ABC, Sunday at 10/9C.
  • Modern Family: Do I really need to say anything here? It’s only one of the best (along with The Big Bang Theory) comedies on TV right now. It’s a wonderful cast, and they will keep you laughing every episode.  Don’t worry if you haven’t started watching it. Modern Family is the kind of show you can just jump right into any episode and love it. Airs on ABC, Wednesday at 9/8C.
  • Younger: My inner child is loving Hilary Duff on Younger! Not to mention the rest of the cast is pretty talented themselves. It’s a heartwarming drama about a 40 year old woman trying to pass as a 27 year old in order to work her dream job. However, Liza (Sutton Foster) realizes it isn’t that easy to be young again. It airs on TV Land, Wednesdays at 10/9C.

New Shows to Watch!

  • Westworld: This science fiction thriller is based off the 1973 movie, Westworld. While the HBO new series has only aired one episode, it seems to me that the series might be heading into a different direction than the movie; however, this isn’t always a bad thing.  In my opinion, the show seems to be going for more of a battle of the wits, rather than mostly violence. However, time will only tell. Either way, with a great cast like James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, and Ed Harris it should be quite the show to watch. If you have HBO, check it out.
  •  To be honest I want to put another new show here, but there hasn’t been another one that has really stuck. I have watched the amazing Kristen Bell in The Good Place, but I wasn’t super excited about it. I mean it’s funny, but hasn’t won me over yet. I watched Kevin James’s new comedy, Kevin Can Wait, but sadly wasn’t impressed. I just finished watching Timeless, and that show has potential! I have set my DVR. Hopefully it will be a new hit show to check out; I’ll keep you posted!

For now that is all! Have fun TV watching! Oh and Netflix binging (is that a word?)


Image Cred: obsev.com